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Why are these Three Things a must have with your newly registered company?

Registering a company has never been easier than it currently is. However, there are many intricacies that you might need to consider first. Gone are the days where setting up shop was just about setting up shop. Today there is much detail needed to consider to help you succeed. Overnight success is also no longer a bad thing. In fact, it could be the only chance you have. Social media has altered customer behaviour. People connect with businesses and brands via social media every day, you will need to do more than just exist in the market in order to stand out. The art of standing out is a prerequisite. Things that were must-haves back then have almost become obsolete and the things you thought were not important are now a necessity.

  • Example 1: You need company emails set up as opposed to a free GMAIL or Yahoo email account, this helps your potential customer focus on your services or products and they think less about the legitimacy of your business.  the internet is infested with hackers and scammers. You need to quickly assert your trustworthiness. With Flying Documents, you get a free domain with every service you purchase. Here is a list of services to help you accelerate your business performance.
  • Example 2: Secure Socket Layer certificates (SSL Certificates). HTTPS was almost 100% reserved for online security platforms that used payment gateways that exchanged customer private data. Facebook uses SSL’s and much other well-established organisations. Banks, University websites portals and many more need to have SSL certificates installed. SSL ensures encryption, period! It simply helps with securing both ends of communication between customer/user and service provider. It limits interception by scammers or hackers and hopefully does exactly that. Another big announcement is Google Search engine optimisation algorithm. The new SEO rule makes us dependent on https for our online marketing. Data protection is king of online marketing guidelines.
  • Example 3: E-commerce.  The only reason you are online is to sell your services or products. Since that is the case, you need to set up shop right where your customers find you. Make the sale on that exact spot. You have no other option. Remember your competition is always a better version of you.

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